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Unsupervised Guest in Kosher Kitchen


I had some guests over for dinner and we had pizza that people ate with their hands. Someone went into my kitchen to take a call on their phone and I could not observe them while they were there. Do I need to be concerned that they might have touched something meat in the kitchen with the dairy on their hands? For example, maybe they inadvertently leaned on my meat counters or touched a meat utensil or the oven. I have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), so I’m curious if this kind of thinking is more paranoia than a legitimate kashrut concern. Naturally, I did not want to insult the person and ask them if they touched anything because this is about me not them. I suppose it is easy enough to wash things down, but do not want to do that for no reason.




There is no need to be concerned about this, and you have no need to even wash things down. We don’t say that something became treif unless we have a positive reason to say so, but not if it is just “well maybe this and this happened…”

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