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Washed off some meat and a few drops went into the milk sink


1. Someone in my household was washing off some meat and a few drops went into the milk sink. There were a few items in the sink. Does everything need to be rekashered?

2. Also, If this has been done before without my knowledge and other items could have been washed what do i do? I can’t re kosher my whole kitchen.


  1. My understanding of what happened is that you were washing off some meat in the sink, and some of the water splashed into the milky sink. The items in the milky sink only have to be washed off with soap and water that is not hot, and then they may be used.
  2. You don’t have to be worried that someone washed off things in your sink without your knowledge and made it not kosher, we only have to worry about the things that we know about.

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