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A smoker and milk/meat use


We purchased a smoker to smoke meat as well as fish in it. My question is, can I smoke fish in this smoker that I also use for smoking meat, and still eat that fish together with milk products. I do not do that with my oven, ie I don’t cook fish in my meat oven and then eat it with milk, but my question is, is there any difference between an oven and a smoker such that with a smoker it would be allowed?


Personsally you don’t have to be so makpid not to eat fish with milk even if it was cooked in a meat pot as there are no poskim that I know of that are makpid on something like this. However if you personally don’t do this with an oven then you wouldn’t do it with a smoker either, because the smoker has steam in it, which would get absorbed in the walls and it would be more of an issue than an oven.

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