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Cooked milchig in fleishig oven


By accident I cooked my cheese cake in my fleishig oven. Can I use the cheese cake or is it now treif ? Do I have to kasher my oven ?
Not sure if this makes a difference but I haven’t cooked any uncovered meat in the oven for the past week


The issue here is the splatters of meat on the walls and roof of the oven, not merely the absorbed taste in the oven walls. However b’dieved that it was already baked it most probably is not an issue because I would assume that your oven is not so dirty with meat splatters that they wouldn’t be botil b’shishim, to the cheese in the cheese cake. If it is then you have a problem.  Regarding the oven, if it would be a self cleaning oven, then that would be preferred, however if it isn’t a self cleaning oven, then turn it on to the highest temperature for 20-30 minutes (the oven will reach maximum temperature).


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