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Liver in glass bowl


a. A while ago, I used a pyrex glass bowl to soak raw liver in cold water for about 20 minutes, as well as a knife to separate them. These utensils may or may not have been washed in warm/hot water. Are they kosher? b. If not, I recently used this clean bowl to store hard boiled eggs in the shell that were still warm (but not hot). Are they okay?


Since rthe livers were not soaked for 24 hours, the bowl is still pareve, and therefore the eggs are also fine. This is aside from the fact that if they were only warm and not hot they would not get absorbed taste from the bowl. Therefore everything is alright.


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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. I’m just curious, though, why is it that if it was meat put on a dairy bowl, and that bowl was washed in hot water it would become unkosher (according to everything I read), but that’s not the case here, where the liver itself is still considered unkosher before it’s broiled?

    1. Essentially what makes taste go from one food to the other is either heat or if the food soaked in a liquid for 24 hours. Since the liver was cold and didn’t sit in the bowl for too long there is no taste imparted from the liver to the bowl. Washing the liver off the milky bowl with hot water, will subject the liver and bowl to heatthat might cause taste to impart from the liver into the bowl.

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