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2 people eating at the same table


Can someone eat dairy food and another person eat pareve food ben yoma meaty/ something sharp non ben yoma meaty at the same table without a separation/reminder between them ika ha din?


A person eating dairy may eat on the same table as another person eating food cooked in a meaty ben yomo pot. The reason is since technically it can be eaten together with milk although we are machmir and we don’t eat it actually together, still it may be eaten on the same table. The same applies to someone who ate an onion cut with a meaty knife, although some poskim say not to eat dairy afterwards, nevertheless we are not machmir that he shouldn’t eat on a table with a person eating milchig.


Ohel Yackov siman 88-20, Yivakesh Torah 9- pg. 22, Horav Y. Cahen shlit”a.

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