When one is fleishig can they make microwave popcorn in a milchig microwave which is not clean? what about if the microwave is clean?
please provide sources
thank you!


My understanding is that microwaving popcorn is done in a closed bag. Therefore I don’t see a problem with making it even if you are fleishig. This is because there isn’t any zeah, since the bag is closed.


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  1. as the popcorn pops the bag expands and always opens up meaning that zeia will come out of the bag and would than not render the popcorn milky especialy if the microwave is dirty? and even if it doesnt open if there is mamashus on the microwave wont that create its own zeia and be nivla in the bag and then into the food?

    • If the bag opens that I agree with you. I was assuming that the bag stays the way it was when it was put inside.
      If the bag stays closed the little bit of zeah from the dirt in the microwave is not significant, unless it is really dirty.

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