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Baby bottle itself


My apologies for the back and forth, but I just wanted to clarify regarding #1 and #2 ((51027) the answers are copied):
What about the bottle itself?
Is it still pareve (I can cook milk in it etc)?

(Also, I wanted to point out regarding #2, the metal cup may possibly be a ben yoma as this is not in my house, and so, if #2 occured (that meat was on cup and got direct hit from hot water and then ), I don’t know whether or not it was less than 24 hours.

Thank you!
1. Being that the cup was only a kli sheini, the meat will not go through it to the bottle, and through the bottle to the milk.

2. Even if it would, the meat has to go through the bottle to get tho the milk, besides it is only a safek of a mashehu. Besides even if at some point the cup did touch meat, it would still be an eino ben yomo.


1. the bottle itself is still pareve because the cup doesn’t become fleishig enough to make it fleishig.

2. stam keilim ainom bnei yomon- we assume that all vessels are aino ben yomo until we know otherwise.

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