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Coffee spilled on Fleishig bowl


There was a fleishig bowl out and as I had milchig coffee some spilled and got into the bowl. The bowl was clean and had not been used recently. The bowl is ceramic with a glaze. Can the bowl just be cleaned and continued to use for meat?


If the coffee was in a cup, then it is fine, because the coffee was in a kli sheini, and it only spilled from there. There fore the bowl can be just cleaned well with warm but not hot water and used.


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  1. Is it a kli sheini if the water went from the urn straight to the cup?

    1. Yes. The kli it was cooked in, is the kli rishon (first), and the vessel it was poured into is called kli sheini (second). If you would have poured the coffee straight from the coffee maker then it would be a more serious issue.

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