Thank you for the response. I would like to ask two follow up questions:
1) First, I wanted to point out that the water was not in the sink, rather, the hot water was on the inside of the metal cup, and the bottle was probably touching the inside of the cup itself (and not just floating in cup), and there may have been meat touching the cup on the outside, would it transfer the meat through the cup to the bottle or does the bottle itself and its contents remain pareve?

2) Also, since this cup was in the meat sink often, do i need to be concerned that perhaps at another time hot water from the sink hit some meat on the cup directly, making the cup meaty, and then when put hot water into cup with bottle, perhaps it would transfer to bottle in cup (because only irui of kli rishon), or is this unlikely and therefore do not need to be concerned?

Thanks so much!


1. Being that the cup was only a kli sheini, the meat will not go through it to the bottle, and through the bottle to the milk.

2. Even if it would, the meat has to go through the bottle to get tho the milk, besides it is only a safek of a mashehu. Besides even if at some point the cup did touch meat, it would still be an eino ben yomo.

Best wishes

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