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Toaster oven used for Pizza then for bread for meat sandwich


If a person uses a toaster oven to warm up a frozen pizza making it hot, or making a grill cheese toast, can a person make toast for a meat sandwich. Remember the person is not heating the meat in the toaster, just heating the bread as toast, or heating hot dog buns in this toaster oven for hotdogs.  I’m not heating up the hot dogs just toasting the buns. Can I heat the toast up for eating with meat or hotdogs?


Thank you for your question.

If the toaster was only used for heating up pizza, which will only make minimal amount of steam, if at all, you can heat up bread in that toaster. You should however be careful not to put the bread on the same surface as the milchig pizza was, but on a different tray or on a piece of silver foil.

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