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mixing bowl


I have a mixing bowl that I only use for parve baking. Once or twice in the past I might have used it with a ben yomo meaty fork or with hot water that was heated up in a meaty pot, but I’ve since moved it to a parve side of my kitchen and I don’t do this anymore.
Recently I whipped parve whipping cream in the bowl. I then melted parve chocolate in a not ben yomo dairy microwave (which is not soo clean) and poured it into the whipped cream that was still in the bowl. Is this problematic? I don’t think the chocolate touched the sides of the mixing bowl until it was already basically mixed with the whipped cream.




Both the fork and the hot water would not make the bowl fleishig enough to call it a fleishig bowl. Therefore you can use it for mixing things that will be cooked and eaten with milchig.

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