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Matanos Levyonim


Earlier today, I saw a box labeled “Matanos Levyonim” in shul and put in a $20 bill. I assume this will be distributed on Purim day. However, I have since realized, am I yotzei with this? Is it an issue that I put in only one $20 bill and therefore I don’t know if two aniyim will get money from me? (I don’t know how the rabbi distributes it) I don’t have a lot of money so I really hope I am yotzei and don’t need to do it again. What should I do? Please answer ASAP.




Check the box to see if there is any contact information on it, and contact the person who out the box there, or the Rabbi and find out if it will indeed be given on Purim to two needy people. In the worst event, just to be sure, you can give a small amount to a different, more reliable matanos l’evyonim, (such as via this site) and in the worst event you gave a little extra tzedakah.

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