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Purim: Asking/ Giving


Thank you for your help.
Regarding the Purim understanding “whoever extends his hand, give him,”–would it be fair to say that there is a limit to what we are obligated to give on Purim? More specifically, if someone asks for something specific, are we obligated to give him that specific thing, or is it sufficient to give something, even if modest, to honor the day? If someone extends his hand and asks for an expensive car (using it as an example), would the other person be obligated–simply because he was asked and it was Purim–to give/get him an expensive car? Or does the individual have jurisdiction over what they give, if anything, to those who ask for things on Purim?
Thanks again.


You are asking a good question, and many people, have a misunderstanding regarding this halacha. The Shulchan Aruch O:CH 693-3 says that on Purim we don’t check into the person we are giving to see if indeed he is needy or not, rather whoever extends his hand and asks for a donation we give him. This does not mean that we must give every person whatever they ask for. What will a millionaire do if someone asks him for his whole bank account?! It only means that we give something to whoever asks, but it does mean that we have to give everything that he asks for. Additionally, the halacha seems to be discussing when people that are asking for money.

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