May one handle a new never used tzedakah box on SHABBOS and give it as a gift?
Please send sources.
Thank you.


No, this is still mutkzeh and can’t be moved on Shabbos.

A tzedakah box is a keli shemelachto le-issur. It is made exclusively for the purpose of keeping coins – and it is therefore forbidden as muktzeh on Shabbos (according to the status of melachto issur – it can be moved for the purpose of using it for something permitted, or for its space).

The Poksim discuss the status of a new and used wallet, for which there is possible leniency (for a new, still unused wallet) because a wallet is used for keeping things that aren’t muktzeh (see Shulchan Aruch 310 and Mishnah Berurah 27; for the question of a new wallet see Chashukei Chemed Shabbos p. 210).

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