Shalom Rebbi,
I have the following sheyla. I am starting a course in computer science which is quite expensive. I applied for 2 scholarships and baroch Hashem I was successful. One place gave me 70% and one place gave me about 60% of the total fee. This means in the end I have more money than the course actually costs. Should I tell them this, or is it OK to take all the money. Even though the actual course is covered, but maybe the money is given to cover living expenses as well. The one organistion asked if I applied to the other, I answered them yes and they didn’t seem worried.
Thanks very much


If the scholarship is intended to include living expenses as well, there would be no problem taking the entire amount. If they are aware that you are taking from two separate scholarships, presumably they are aware of this possibility. טעות עכום is permissible to keep, the Beer Hagola [C:M 348:5] speaks strongly about returning טעות עכום, but that seems only to be in an instance whee it will cause קדוש ה, when it is a scholarship grant and no one’s personal money this would not seem to apply.

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