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Working during Minchah at the office

When the men at work daven Mincha and I (a woman) am working, what are the Halachos on answering amen to Kaddish and Brachos?
Do I have to get up for Kaddish? Do I have to stop working by the loud shmonei esrei?


You need not stop working during the loud Shemoneh Esrei; a woman has an obligation to daven but the Chazan’s repetition is a requirement of the Tzibbur, not the individual.

You should answer Amen to the brochos and to kaddish, and you should stand for kedusha and respond, but you need not stand for kaddish.

Any actual breaks for davening should be approved by your employer in advance.

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  1. I didn’t ask the original question, but what would be the Halacha if I don’t have permission from my boss to stop, do I stand up and answer Kedusha?

    1. No. If the boss does not give permission, one may not stop work for anything.

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