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Taking book out of bag with muktzah items inside

Is there a problem of taking a sefer out of a knapsack on shabbos when one knows that there are muktzah objects (e.g. pens, calculator, etc.) inside? And is there a difference whether one comes into contact with these muktzah objects?


It is permitted to take the sefer out of the knapsak, even though there are other items that are muktzah inside. However, one should be careful not to touch the muktzah items as far as possible, and it is forbidden to move them intentionally.

Sources: The fact that other items will be moved by moving the sefer does not constitute a problem, because this is a classic case of tiltul min hatzad, “indirect moving” that is permitted if done for the purpose of a permitted item (see Gemara, Shabbos 123). Even if the muktzah items will be inadvertently moved by one’s hand, their moving is defined as tiltul min hatzad, and remains permitted (see Shabbos 127; Mishnah Berurah 333:13; Chazon Ish 46:7; Orchos Shaboos, vol. 2, p. 125).

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  1. but doesn’t the knapsack become a bosis for mukza if bein hashmashosh it was holding muktza that the owner was aware was there, and taht is the designated place for it?
    doesnt’ the status of the bosis affect everything it contains or holds?

    1. The knapsack is a bosis for heter and issur (permitted and forbidden items), and because the siddur may be used on Shabbos and the other items may not be used, we consider the siddur to be “more important,” such that the knapsack does not become a bosis. Even if it would become a bosis, there would not be a prohibition of reaching into it and taking out a permitted item.

  2. so if a bosis is mukza…that does not render all the items in it mukza?

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