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Hating Someone

When is it halachically permitted to hate someone? I’m not asking what is recommended — there are actions that have already happened. I need to know the halachic ruling.
Thank You.


It is permitted to hate somebody who is classified as a rasha, meaning somebody who wilfully transgresses prohibitions that are known as sins. Poskim add that one may only hate him after he has been admonished, yet continues to transgress. If the sin involved is a personal affront or injury (such as public humiliation), some permit hating the offender.

Sources: See Pesachim 113b; Rambam, mitzvah 302 (prohibiting hatred “in the heart”; other rishonim write that even outspoken hatred is included in the prohibition); Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 34 (concerning who is considered a rasha); Minchas Chinuch 238 (it is permitted to hate the wicked even in one’s heart); Rambam, Rotzeach 13:14 (concerning the obligation to admonish before hating), and Chofetz Chaim (chap. 4, note 14); Tumim, no. 7, and glosses of Baruch Ta’am (concerning hating somebody for a personal offence). When it is not clearly permitted to hate someone, one should not hate the person but only his (possible) wickedness.

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  1. Thank You for your answer. Does someone who constantly lies about you, and has been warned for their actions, adn spreads these lies to people, to your husband and to your face, fall under this category?

    Also, does one who makes promises and does not follow through on them, fall under this category? For example, they promised to give a large amount of money, but for reasons that do not make any sense, reasons that involve lies, they decide not to give this money. They have been warned for their actions by chashuva rabanim (not necessarily known as poskim, but well known roshei yeshiva), and they still continue to withhold their promises, make false accusations and hold many grudges for no reason.
    Does this fall into the category of allowing to hate this individual?

    1. It is difficult to answer personal questions of this type, but from your descriptions it sounds like the described individuals would fall under the category.

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