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Dismissal Compensation


I was hired to work  for someone on a contract type basis to edit a project- he agreed to pay me a monthly fee for the estimated six years that he thought the project would last. Without any notice, he cancelled the entire project, after I had been working for him for several months. By my calculation, he should owe me for almost a full month’s wage in pitzuyim, and I had been already working for him for several months, which should entitle me to 1/12 for each month I worked for him, which adds up to 1/3 of a month’s wages, + since he did not give me two weeks notice, and in minhag hamedinah these items are coming to me.Is my calculation correct?


While you are correct that generally in these cases the minhag hamedina is the determinant factor, however being that any more specific answer I might give affects another party, whose perspective of the facts have not been heard, I can not give a more specific response.

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