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Using Chain Store Trolleys

I work for a company that uses shopping trolleys for moving stock. These shopping trolleys are clearly marked as belonging to big chain stores. There is a shop next door that also uses such shopping trolleys, so some of the trolleys we use come via the other shop. Is it permitted for me to use these trolleys?


If the trolleys belong to a chain store, and they are being used without permission, it would be forbidden to use them, and there would be a mitzvah of hashavas aveidah in returning the trolley to their owner. You could call up the management of the chain store and inform them that their trolleys are being used, and then act according to their reaction (if they give their consent for the trolleys to be used, you can use them; if they do not give their consent, and plan to retrieve them, they must not be used).

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  1. You mentioned that there would be a mitzvah of hashavas aveidah
    The chain stores dont have Jewish owners so would that change the mitzvah of hashavas aveidah and if they are permitted to be used
    Thanks for your prompt reply

    1. This is certainly true. I was thinking about Israel, where chain stores are owned by Jewish ownership. Outside of Israel, for chain stores of non-Jewish ownership, there would be no mitzvah of hashavas aveida, and it would be permitted to use the trolleys.

  2. Even in Israel, if the boss or someone else took the trolley, wouldn’t there be Kinyanei Gezeila, and as so – permitted for others to use?

    1. It would only become permitted for use if somebody stole it, the chain store gave up hope, and then it changed hands. In any case, if the chain store is identified, there would be a mitzvah of returning lost property, so it would still be prohibited for use.

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