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Sifting OU Flour

Does white all purpose flour with an OU have to be sifted? I just used Heckers in a recipe, and realized that it doesn’t say presifted.


The flour does have to be sifted. However, after it has been used, you can check some (three) samples of flour from the bag, to ensure that there are no bugs (some write that it is sufficient to look around the inner side of the opening of the bag). If you don’t find anything, the item you baked is permitted for consumption.

Sources: The status of modern-day flour, depending on conditions, is at the very worst mi’ut hamatzui, and the sampling mentioned above is based on this classification. Most flour is more probably classified as mi’ut she’eino matzui, in which case the sampling would not be required. Concerning the used of samples, see Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 39:9 and 301:25; Ramatz, vol. 1, Yorah De’ah 31:5; Chochmas Shlomo, Yoreh De’ah 84:9.

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