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I’m an norwegian lady who belives that there are just one God and that you (Israel) are his chosen people. What are your opinion about astrology? I ask because I contacted an astrologist in November and got a very accurate answer about my relationship. I did not believe the answer, until we broke up exactly at the end of 2010, as the astrologist said. The astrologer said some very intersing things about what direction my life will take in 2011. What do you think about astrology? Is it nonsense?


In the Jewish tradition, and at least according to the mainstream body of Jewish thought (not including Maimonides), astrology is considered a science, and not nonsense. Because it is a type of science, and not sorcery and the like, Jewish law does not formally prohibit astrology, and there have been great Jewish astrologers in the past. However, the obligtation of being “perfect” or “complete” with God (Deut. 18:13) instructs us to distance ourselves from future-tellers, including astrologers and the like, and to trust in what God brings upon us. Yet, after consulting with an astrologer, there would be no reason not to take his words to heart, if they appear consistent and true.

For a deeper analysis of the topic, see the article on astrology (and other similar matters) which is posted on the side, entitled “Of Signs and Lots.”

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