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Purpose of Race

My wife is learning hebrew. I was told that every one was created with or for a reason. In your view, what were the blacks created for ? Please answer, because I myself have problem with my own race. Thanks.


This is a question that we cannot answer. Although it is cetainly true that everything was made for a purpose, and there is no nation that does not have a place in the great scheme of history that leads the world to its destiny, we are unable to know the specific function of nations. As we see, different nations have different properties, tendencies, and character, and all have something to bring to the world, forming a piece of the great jigsaw puzzle of creation.

This is true not only of nations, but even of individuals. In Judaism, the nation is considered a single body, which is composed of many parts — individual people. Some people form the “head,” and others will form the “feet.” All parts, however, are indispensible, and the fact that one person might be the “head,” and the other the “foot,” is not a reason for pride on the one hand, or for disgrace on the other. The “body” is only complete when each is true to his role, and when all are properly in place.

The Sages give a parable of a King, who has a royal garden, and wishes to fill it with many different types of plants and flowers. One individual flower might be more “special” than another, but the garden only achieves its purpose and destiny when all the different species are present in their full beauty (the parable is given concerning mitzvos, Torah precepts, but it is also true for people).

In several verses, the Torah mentions the Divine desire that humanity should spread to become different people, nations with different language, culture, and purpose. If everybody would be the same, the world would not only be a dull place, but its basic purpose would not be fulfilled.

Therefore, you ought not to have any “problem” with your personal race. You are part of a people that has a specific role and purpose, and your task in life is to be true to this purpose (and not to try to escape it), and to make the most of your personal (and unique) strengths, character, and potential.

May God guide you on the path of truth.

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