As a Jewish Mother I am asking why Dr. Michael Laitman has not been exposed as to the Kabbalah he teaches to masses as the authentic Kabbalah? Why hasn’t he been stopped and why don’t the Rabbinical Council expose him as a fraud. My daughter has left her Jewish teachings and believes in his view of the Kabbalah which is not the Kabbalah I was taught or my father learned in the Yeshiva?
Please can’t he be stopped?


There is a known danger of kabbalistic teachers who ignore and abandon the Jewish tradition and teach kabbalah to masses (Madonna et al). They can hardly be stopped, because they are not affiliated with the mainstream (at least Orthodox) Jewish community, and their excommunication would have no effect.

The beauty of kabbalah is that it gives depth to the Jewish way of life–to our mitzvos and to our beliefs. If the Jewish way of life is dropped by the wayside, and the kabbalah is focused on mending a person’s ‘inner being’ without addressing his actions and way of life, then the study itself loses all value. Many authentic and great kabbalists have warned of teaching the inner wisdom to those who are sadly unfit for it.

I don’t know of Dr. Laitman, and am not aware of his teachings or methods.

I share your plight, and wish you much success with your daughter.

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