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Garlic Left Overnight



Garlic is of course kosher, and permitted for use in all ways. However, if garlic is peeled and left overnight, before being mixed with other ingredients, the Gemara writes that an “evil spirit” rests on it, and it is forbidden to eat.

This halachah is not mentioned by the Rambam or the Shulchan Aruch, perhaps because they reasoned that the ways of ruach ra’ah (the evil spirt) have changed, but it is mentioned by the Semak (168), by the Peri Chadah (116), and by the Shulchan Aruch Harav (Shemiras Haguf Vehanefesh), and cited by later authorities.

Therefore, if part of an onion or garlic is used, and the rest left overnight, the remaining part is generally discarded.

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  1. Can garlic and or onion be peeled and stored in ziplock bags or tuperware containers for future use? for cooking reasons in the fridge?

    1. No, it cannot be stored in containers overnight, and should be peeled on the day of its use.

  2. I have seen peeled garlic in vacuumed sealed bags and in plastic containers at the grocery store with a hechsher OU. How is this permitted?

    1. Perhaps the garlic is treated in some way before sealing.
      Alternatively, they rely on the opinion that a special sealing helps for this halachah (see Vaya’an David 120).
      Also note that many write that post factum it is permitted to eat the food (see Beis Shlomo 189).

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