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Using New Techniques at Work

I developed certain techniques in my profession that cuts steps down. I developed these techniques from experience independent of my job. My job did not pay me to develop these techniques. If I introduce these techniques to my job, it’s possible that a few people (Jew and non Jew) might be laid off, due to economic conditions. I used these techniques and it has helped me. My job has not paid me to develop these technique — it’s something that I’ve work on independent of the job. Should I introduce the techniques, or should I leave it alone due to the consequences of lay offs?


If part of your job is to do the job as best as you can, so that using techniques you’ve developed would be “part of the job,” you should use them. True, you were not paid to develop techniques, but it is possible that the employer expects employees to develop as they work, reaching higher levels of efficiency as time passes by.

If this is not part of your job, and you would still be a “trusted worker” without employing the techniques, then it might be better not to use them, so an not to cause others a loss.

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