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Tzitzis for Sweaty Clothes

1) I saw an earlier post that one should take off tzitzit while much sweat will be produced; if I have a pair specifically for working out can I not wear them? Why do I have to lose out on the mitzvah every moment not worn?

2) Is it permissible to read the zohar with its hebrew translation? (to those not appropriate to learn torat ha-sod?)

3) When/how can one change ones name? (hebrew)

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There is no obligation to wear tzitzis at all times; the obligation is only to place tzitzis on a four-cornered garment that a person is wearing.

Although we try to fulfill the mitzvah at all times, there are times when it is not appropriate, such as when swimming etc. In a similar vein to affixing a mezuzah onto the door of a bathroom, poskim (based on the Rosh Mo’ed Katan 3:43) write that an undergarment, whose purpose is to absorb sweat, is exempt from tzitzis (see Mishnas Yaakov 8; Shevet Yehudah, Ki Teitzei; see also Chazon Ish, Tzitzis 5). It is not appropriate to affix tzitzis to such a garment.

Therefore, when a person is sweating profusely, and his garments will become soaked with sweat, it is possibly better to avoid wearing tzitzis altogether.

If it is inappropriate for somebody to learn kaballah, this applies to the Hebrew translation as well as to the original.

Names should not be changed in general, unless there are especially difficult circumstances, such as a severe illness. Please see for more details.

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  1. the question asked earlier was not in regard to learning kabbalah but rather reciting the Zohar which was said to be allowed as was answered in a previous post; i wished to know if reading the hebrew translation would be allowed also (since this can hardly be considered as ‘studying’ as the zohar is quite unintelligible to someone who has not learned kabalah in the proper format) but just to get some idea as to what is being read…(?)

    1. If this is not meant as the study of kabballah, then it’s fine.

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