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Late Aliyah on Simchas Torah

On Simchas Torah if someone didn’t receive an aliyah and Bereshis was already read. Are they allowed to get an aliyah and read again in parshas V’Zos HaBracha or perhaps better to get the aliyah and read again in Bereshis?


I don’t see any problem with getting an aliyah for parashas Vezos Habracha, even after Bereishis has been read.

As poskim explain, the general principles of aliyos do not apply to Simchas Torah, and the same principle will apply here: Even if a person has personally “moved on” to Bereishis, he can still receive an aliyah in Vezos Haberachah.

It is hard to find a comparable case for this example, because in general passing from parashah to parashah is something done by all communities together, and not personally or by individual minyanim.

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  1. To give another aliyah on Bereshis I think is pashut. The shailo was of course to give an aliyah back on Vezos habracha. Although you do make the point that the rules regarding “aliyos” changes, the seder of the kriah I think is also important to keep in mind here. It seems to me the best thing to do is give an aliyah in Bereshis. Since after we finish v’Zos Habracha the zman to read shnayim mikre v’echad targum starts therefore already shayach to the kriah of Bereshis. More so then the kriah of the day which we already finished and were yotzee our chiyuv. Also to get an aliyah on Simchas Torah is only a minhag (the kriah of Bereshis is also only a minhag) therefore it shouldn’t make so much difference to get an aliyah in parshas Bereshis. So why not do that way which follows more inline with the seder of the kriah, chiyuv, etc.

    1. Why not? Perhaps because a person doesn’t want to wait another two hours for the minyan to get there. The question was whether one can receive an aliyah for Vezos Habrachah, and the answer, I believe, is yes.

  2. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you..The question was if someone missed getting an aliyah when V’Zos HaBracha was being read, now after already finishing Sefer Devarim and reading Bereshis he wants his aliyah (perhaps he wasn’t in shul, some sort of ones, etc.) If the chiyuv of the day was already fulfilled, and after finishing V’Zos HaBracha we are already more “shayach” to Bereshis (as seen from the possibility of reading Shnaim Mikra) why should we go back and read V’Zos HaBracha again just for this guy?

    Agav there is a Teshuva in the sefer “Aseh Lecha Rav” (R’ Chaim David HaLevi — once was the Rav HaRoshi) in Chelek Daled Siman 38. There he discusses a shailo of if on Simchas Torah the minyan can finish everything in terms of davening and Krias HaTorah, go eat the seuda, then come back for Hakafos and dancing and as well for Krias HaTorah (assumingly V’Zos HaBracha) to lein and be able to give aliyos to all of the people there. He ossurs because once someone was yotzee their chiyuv and leaves the shul Krias HaTorah is “over” for the day. He brings many interesting re’ahs and more of a discussion on the inyun of Krias HaTorah. In our case the people are still in shul, haven’t left yet, however the chiyuv like I mentioned was already fulfilled, so for the minhag of getting an aliyah, why go back?

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