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Lit Candles and then Moved House

I invited over a friend to eat in my house on Friday night. The bachur lit Chanuka candles in the yeshiva where he lives. After the meal, I invited him to lodge in my house, as well, and he took me up on the offer.

Does the fact that he lit candles in Yeshiva and ended up eating dinner and sleeping over at my place affect his mitzva?


According to many poskim, on Motza’ei Shabbos one can light in the place where one stayed for Shabbos, before going home later, because it is still considered his home until he leaves.

Furthermore, this case is still better, because at the time he lit, his intention was to sleep at home (meaning, in the yeshiva), and therefore his kevius was certainly at home at that time. Although he later changed his kevius, this does not uproot the initial kevius at the time of lighting, and therefore (based on the poskim above) there does not appear to be any problem.


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