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Heating Dairy Plate in Meaty Microwave

1] Our Nanny heated a ceramic dairy dish with fish on it in a meat microwave and used meat utensils to eat it. What is the status of the dairy dish and meat utensils/how do we /must we kasher anything? Note: the dairy dish was not used the past 24 hours but the meat microwave was….
2] Put Mac-and Cheese from pot onto plastic plate. I don’t believe that would treif it up. Can you confirm (or deny)?


1) If the microwave plate on which the dish was placed was clean of meaty residue, and the fish was fairly dry (not a “soupy” dish), there is no need to kasher the ceramic dish (which can’t be kashered anyway).

Concerning the utensils, the question is whether or not the custom mentioned by the Rema (94:5) will apply. Because there is room to distinguish the case from the Rema (microwave cooking possibly not full-fledged cooking; the food was already cooked and was only re-heated), and because some dispute the stringency mentioned in the Rema, there will be no need for stringency.

2) Not sure I understood the question. The pot and the plate are of course dairy due to the cheese (if hot). What is to become treif?

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