I normally attend a minyian on Shabbos where the Rav gets shishi always (we are Sephardic and 6th is the most important). The Rav is an important posek and we don’t mind this.

But what is puzzling is that every Shabbos two baalei batim (chashuvim, both of them – one an accomplished talmid chacham the other a baal midot and baal chesed) always get an alyiah or peticha (sometimes both), and the rest of the kahal (we all learn every day and have B.H. some zechuyiot) get one alyiah at least once a month — sometimes more, but some other times every two months. I personally fight with my own feelings about this and try to work on my emunah that everything comes from Hashem, but is this right? Should I bring this issue to the Rav? Is there any minhag or halachah to support the practices I just mention in my shul? Thank you for your advice.


If the matter disturbs you, I would take it up with the local rabbi.

In all communities, there are some members that are bigger talmidei chachamim or biggen ba’alei chessed than others, and if we will give “fixed aliyot” to the more important members, the less important members will never receive aliyot.

In some communities there was a custom that the rabbi of the community should get a fixed weekly aliyah, and as you write, this is fine. [Based on the Arizal, shishi is considered the most important aliyah (this is the custom among Sefardim).]

For the benefit of your peace of mind, talk it over with the rabbi — not by way of argument, but by way of questioning whether this is appropriate practice, and which custom it might be based on.

Best wishes.

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  1. Tank you so much for your prompt and wise advise. Pesah Casher ve Sameah

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