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Inheritance as Nichsei Milug

Lichvod haRabonim, Shlit’a
Shalom Rav

What could me’akev from full-fledged husband’s Hanaah from his wife’s inheritance (like any Nichsei Milug).

Groysse Yashar Koyach.
BeBirkos haTorah,

Moshe Maler
Montreal QC
P.S: If it’s easier, you can answer me in Lashon haKoydesh


Inheritance that a wife receives is defined, as you note, as nichsei milug. This means that a husband will have benefit from the fruit of the property, but not in a manner that consumes the property itself.

Once a woman has received an inheritance, there is no way of preventing the property from becoming nichsei milug — though the husband can still forego his rights.

However, there are certain forms of fruit that a husband does not receive, such as “fruit of fruit” (under certain circumstances; see Rivah no. 150).

Best wishes.

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