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Mezuzah for Room in Plant

In a mifa’al (Jewish owned and operated in Eretz Yisrael) somewhere there is a room that is designated for the Arab workers where they can eat, rest, etc. The room is used for nothing else (not even for storage purposes.) Does the room need a mezuzah?


The room will apparently not be obligated in a mezuzah.

See Ohalei Yeshurun (Vol. 2) which mentions in the name of Rav Moshe Feinstein that a Jew who has an office in a non-Jewish plant must put up a mezuzah.

In this case, the converse is true. A plant is not “living quaters,” but a mezuzah is obligatory where one eats etc. in the place. But where only non-Jews eat in the room, there will not be any obligation.

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