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Separating Terumah/Maaser Outside Israel

What is the understading of fruits from Israel that are bought in Chutz LeAretz in terms of Orlah and Trumah and Maasei?

If possilbe please include sources in the answer.

The Shach seems to say there is no problem whatsover on Trumah and Maasei yet several Rabbis require that people take Treumah and Maasei.

In terms of Orlah, the likelihood of fruits being orlah seems very low. Based on this should one avoid fruits if one doesnt have clarity?


If fruit and vegetables are grown in Eretz Yisrael, and are brought to Chutz La-Aretz, they remain obligated in Terumos and Maasros.

A berachah is not recited upon separating the terumah and maaser, because of the chance that these separations were already made.

For most fruit, the percentage of orlah is very low, and there is no problem in eating them. Only for some, usually exotic fruit, is the percentage significant.

In general it is important to support Jewish/Israeli agriculture by buying Israeli produce, and an updated orlah chart can be consulted when in doubt.

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