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Neder for a Period

I made a certain neder and at the same ‘ma’mad” I said that the neder should be till a certain time only I do not remember if it was toch kdei dibur or not but it was certainly at the same maamad which means I was still standing there thinking about the neder and about my next words to Hashem .
The neder is regarding shmiras einayim problems. I want to know if its chal till Pesach or for ever? yasher koach


It does not apply forever, and is contingent on your final words.

If a person is in the middle of speaking, but pauses to think or for some other reason, we don’t consider the speech to be finished (for instance, if a person says baruch atah Hashem and pauses we don’t say this is a berachah in vain), and the continuation of the speech is an inherent part of the first words.

Of course, if we were not to say this, the neder would be a “neder be-ta’us” – a neder that was never intended.

Best wishes.

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