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Benching Before Oneg Shabbos

Is it halachically correct to make an oneg shabbos immediately after the shabbos seudah? i.e. Can one decide to bentch and then bring out dessert and cake which will necessitate a bracha achrono. Is this a problem with brocha sheino tzricha?


Although in general it is not correct to bench and then make berachos that would not be required during a meal, if there is a desire to end the meal and to begin an oneg shabbos – which involves a change of atmosphere, and for which people can come and go (and so on), it is fine to do so.

This will not be considered a berachah she-einah tzerichah, because the berachah is indeed required based on the circumstances.

In addition, for cakes and other foods that might require a berachah during the meal, and which often involve some doubt, the idea of benching first is certainly fine, because it actually solves the problem of whether to recite a berachah or not during the meal.

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