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Wrote Ben in Place of Bat in Ketubah

Instead of writing the name of the kallah (bride) Rivka bat Chaim it was written Rivka ben Chaim. In such a case what’s the halacha? By a kasubah is it kosher? Does it have to be written again? What about in the case of a get is it kosher? Should another get be written and given?


If somebody wrote ben instead of bat in a ketubah it remains valid, and a get written like this is also kosher on a bedieved level, where it is difficult to write a new get.


The reason for this is that the mistake is clear and there is no concern for mixing up the person with somebody else.

See Chayei Ha-Levi, Even Ha-Ezer 107, who cites in the names of Rav Wosner shlita and Rav Elyashiv zt”l that this is the halachah.

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