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Are Garbage Cans Muktzeh on Shabbat

Garbage is being picked up in my area on Shabbos. Assuming i can put the garbage out onto the curb before shabbos. Can I then bring the empty cans back onto my property assuming an ERUV. After the garbage is picked, are the empty cans mukza due to BOSIS, or any other reason?


The empty cans will not be muktzeh.

The reason for this is that although they are muktzeh when Shabbos comes in (because they are a basis for the garbage), one knows that they will be emptied out on Shabbos, and therefore the principle of migu de’iskazai does not apply (see Beitzah 26b).

This is not even a case of dechiya beyadayim, because the whole purpose of taking out the garbage cans is not to ‘push them away’ but rather to enable one to use them later after they are emptied. Therefore, the idea of gamro bidei adam will certainly apply.

For the question of whether garbage cans in general are muktzeh on Shabbos, see here.

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  1. Thank you so much for this amazing resource !! There seems to be a stirah between this psak permitting taking back an empty garbage can and another psak on this site that says it is ossur due to migu diskatzui….? Can the Rabbonim kindly clarify ? Thank you. Gutten Moed.

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