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Beer in Vats Used for Chocolate

There is a local brewery in my area that makes a few types of beer in huge vats. Speaking to them they explained (they are not familiar with kosher-so I trust them) that they do not heat up the beer at any point. They also said that they only put in barley hops and water. Now, once a year they brew beer with dairy chocolate. Can I continue drinking the beer. One, it is cold-but is it \”pickled is like cooking).They clean heavily between batches. Two, they have 6 vats so there is a rov that the vat for my beer was never used for chocolate and three, the chocolate might be kosher but dairy?


Under the circumstances, you can be lenient and drink the beer.

The consideration of rov isimportant considerations – only one vat out of six is used for chocolate, so that you can assume the beer did not come from the vat.

However, beyond this the taste of the chocolate is pagum, and therefore won’t constitute any problem.

See also here for sources permitted using barrels previous used for non-kosher wine for other drinks.

Best wishes.

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