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Hamotzi on Pancakes

I made a brocho rishona of hamotsi on pancakes that made with many different ingredients including honey, brown sugar, nuts, blueberries and included was a mixture of steel cut oats, this whole concoction was baked in the oven. I thought afterwards that maybe I should have made a brocho rishona of mezonos since it is still a pancake, however, it really is a whole meal. Is this a bidieved or litchachila situation, did I make the wrong brocho rishona and should I bentch afterwards since I washed and made hamotsi.

Yosef Dovid Ruttner


It is hard to answer without seeing the product.

If it has tzuras hapas, then it is correct to make hamotzi on the pancakes, if one is eating them as a full meal.

Tzuras hapas means that the product looks like a baked food. Regular pancakes don’t have tzuras hapas, but they are not baked in the oven.

If yours do look like baked products, it stands to reason that hamotzi is correct when eating a full meal of them. If not, then their berachah is mezonos, and bedieved only al hamichya should be recited.

Best wishes.

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