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Refund for Service

If I hired someone to do a full job wiring my alarm system in my house and during the process he stops the job and pushes it off for almost 3 years and then says that he does not plan on coming back to complete the job and the other person already paid for the complete job before the work began is the construction company obligated to repay back the person who paid in the beginning but never received his services?


The question is not so clear: Who is the “other person,” and what is the connection between the person hired to do the work and the construction company?

In any case, if a person pays for services, and does not receive them, of course his money must be refunded by the person who was paid, whether a private individual or a company. Naturally, the service provider cannot return after 3 years and claim that he’s ready to provide the service; when a person pays he doesn’t intend the service to be provided after three years!

Please re-submit if there is something I missed here.

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