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Smoking and Smoking on Yom Tov

1) My wife payed our housekeeper what she thought was 170 shekel for the work she did for the day and the housekeeper called her later in the day saying that she thinks she gave her 270 instead. I was wondering what the halacha was on that.
2) Is there an issur to smoke cigarettes? givin that its muter, whats the halacha lemaseh on yom tov? (I heard that its a discussion among poskim, but whats the halacha limaseh?)


1. If your housekeeper is prepared to return the money, this shows that she is fairly certain of the wrong payment, and there’s no problem in receiving it. If she is unsure, she doesn’t have to refund the money. Of course, if your wife knows she only gave 170 shekels, you shouldn’t take anything back.

2. Since it is well known that smoking damages a person’s health, it is not permitted to smoke pall mall cigarettes (see here, last section). For those who permit smoking (or those who can’t stop), it appears that one must refrain from smoking on Yom Tov. Please see here.

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