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Writing Sefer Torah for Yeshiva

I am in planning of writing a Sefer Torah in my fathers memory and I just wanted to clarify a couple of points,
I want to dedicate it to a yeshiva that was established on my father’s name, therefore making this project a fundraiser for the yeshiva as well. I was wondering as follows, can I make it as a fundraiser for this yeshiva and accept donations for the yeshiva but also make a condition on the dedication that if the yeshiva closes up the Sefer Torah stays in my family’s ownership? Is that permissible? Am I tricking people of their donations? Also, as far as finding a Sofer, what’s more important: A sofer with a nicer ksav or a sofer with more yiras shamayim?
Thank you.


1. As part of the fundraising appeal, you should mention the fact that the moneys will be used for the purchase of a Sefer Torah. It is generally known that when a Yeshiva closes, the Sifrei Torah return to the people who donated them, so that this will not involve any “trick.” Even if you don’t mention this, the fundraising is permitted: The money is going towards the Sefer Torah for the yeshiva, and it is clear that this can apply only insofar as the yeshiva continues to remain operative.

2. The most important criterion for the hiddur of a Sefer Torah is the beauty of the script (the kesav). Therefore, you should prefer the nicer kesav, provided of course the Sofer is an upright Jew. Moreover, Yiras Shamayim is hard to measure, and only Hashem can be a true judge of a person’s virtue.

Best wishes.

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