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Rented Inhaler for Insurance

A friend of my son’s needed an inhaler. He gave us some money for it…afterwards we realized it may be assur to give it to him as the insurance company surely doesn’t expect/want us giving away/selling the inhaler.

1) what should we do with the money we were given for the purchase?

2) What should we do about the potential geneiva from the insurance company?


It is true that the insurance company won’t want you giving away the inhaler.

However, the problem will only arise if you make a claim; if nothing happens to the inhaler, and you don’t claim anything from the insurance, there’s no problem.


1. You can keep the money.

2. If you have to make a claim, you’ll have to let them know that you rented out the inhaler. This might mean that you won’t get the money you claim.

Best wishes.

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