I have a Special Degree certification and got an offer for a P3 job-this means that I will work directly with the parents, because they ‘hand me’ the hours to work with their child. I file the hours I work myself so I get paid by the Board of Education in New York.
My question is:
The parents want me to work with their 12 year old son because he does not go to school-he is behind so he only goes for Limudei Kodesh. They also have a younger son that was approved to receive services.
The 12 year old son attends a reading program in which he uses HIS hours then, and the parents want me to work with him so they will be giving me the hours of the younger son.
Am I allowed to bill for that?
Also, the parents will be giving me per say 5 hours when I will be working for more or less 3 of those… I know this last one might sound like a strange question but the reason I am asking is because I know of other people whom have gotten a psak/heter to do so… Can I bill for those extra hours? parents do it because then I want to come to them because it is convinient for them. Also, if I would not be allowed to, can I bill for the hours of preparation time?
Thank you very much and a lichtikn chanukah!


Our approach on this matter is that you have to follow the principles of the Board of Education (your employer).

The rules and regulations apply universally. It is true that these regulations might not always seem appropriate, but every system needs to enact its regulations, and employers are charged with following them – this is part of the employment contract.

This will apply to all of your questions, including billing for preparation time: If the rules and regulation of employment are such that you cannot bill for preparation time, this will not be permitted.

It is only be permitted to deviate from the regulations if you receive permission to do so from the superior.

Best wishes.

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