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Broken Glasses on Yom Tov

What does one do if they are at a hotel for Yom Tov (with a jewish organization) & their eyeglass accidentally fell on the floor while they were sleeping & stepped upon thus rendering the lenses as popped out & the frame slightly bent? If the eyeglasses are progressive & serve as reading glasses, intermediate distance & distance glasses thus the person using them can’t read at all (daven, say kaddish, say kiddus, bentch etc) & also is dificult to walk around the hotel & have simchas yom tov. What if no other availale reading glasses are available from the organization or family members? What suggestions/ alternatives are available ?

Yasher Koach


If the lens just needs to be popped back in, ideally a non Jew should be told what happened and allowed to figure out on his own to offer and come fix the glasses. If the glasses can be fully restored this way, the glasses are muktzeh as we are concerned by handling the glasses one may come to fix them. The non Jew should be brought to the glasses, if possible. Otherwise there are lenient opinions with regards to the muktzeh status.

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