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Broken Fast

I have a shaila about Shiva Assar B’Tammuz
Last night I had the intention of waking up before the fast and having something to eat and drink beforehand so
I did stay up very late and only slept about and hour or two and when I woke up I was very dry in the throat and felt
hot and weak needing some water. The fast was already beginning but I felt that I just couldn’t go on with the fast if
I didn’t drink that water, I felt I could do it after that. It was already 11 minutes into the fast and I asked HaShem to
forgive me. I have been fasting all day now since then and with G-d helping I want to complete the fast.

Rabbi, should I make up the eleven minutes or even a whole other day to fast? Is this fast still valid to have done
the Mitzvah properly? I want to do the right thing always

Thank you Rabbi for your help and kindness


It could be you were in fact in a physical state that you would have been unable to fast. It may have been wise to try to rinse out your mouth and spit out the water. You should give money to tzeddaka the equivalent of food you consume in a day.

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