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Mezuza for Jewish School Building

Is a Jewish school building obligated in mezuzah on all their doors?


Mezuzas should be affixed to a school building and all it’s rooms, without a bracha.


This would seem comparable to Shulchan Aruch Y:D 286:11, that a place which is used only by day and not throughout the night is questionable as to it’s obligation, and the mezuza should be put up without a bracha, see Taz there s”k 10.

See Shu”t Rivevos Efraim 5:545.

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  1. Bs’D

    Shalom Aleychem Kvod HaRabbanim,
    Shalom Aleychem Kvod HaRav Akiva Dershowitz!

    Are also those rooms of a Jewish school building, which would be obligated in a Mezuzah according to their size, but which are used as storage rooms or are situated – especially there – in the cellar and are used there as storage rooms or staff rooms and locker rooms for the (non-Jewish) staff, obligated in a Mezuzah?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    B”H Shalom and all the best

    1. yes, in fact these rooms should also have a mezuza

  2. Bs’D

    Thanks a lot for answering!

    B”H Shalom and all the best

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