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Overbearing Care for Elders


Jogging is hard. I used to do it often when I was young and now that I am older I have curtailed my physical activity. I have often many nice people who always grade me on my physical activity claiming I will feel better to walk vigorously every day or do other physical work outs. In turn, I use the time for study and self reflection. Lunch is still lunch. How ticked off are these people and when do they ever leave the elderly aging alone as we approach our final destination. I find this very annoying and I want my inner timed feelings at my own joy, care and discretion. My thoughts is that this is satan. Thanks.


Satan seems a little harsh. I would hope it is well meaning family and friends who care for you and want to see you have long years and good health. At the same time you are certainly entitled to your space and autonomy. If this is conveyed in a kind and civil way, people will generally respect your wishes.


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